Aleix Tobias

Is the creator and director of the orchestra. He has the ability to unite and harmonise, to bring out the best in everyone and improve on it … His drums and percussion  have played on many projects, such as Eliseo Parra Band, Tactequeté, Silvia Pérez Cruz, Misirli Ahmet, Erkan Ogur, Erkam Irmak, Roots Revival Romania, Carles Denia, Maria del Mar Bonet, Lidia Pujol, Marina Rossell, Raul Rodriguez, etc … His extensive studying and musical sensitivity have led to work as a music producer.

Cantautora, música, cantante. Rusó Sala despierta ya una considerable atención…
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Cantaor, guitarrist and composer, he’s the lead voice of our…
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Percusionista “granaino” especializado en percusiones de la india. De gran…
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