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Rusó Sala
Cantautora, música, cantante. Rusó Sala despierta ya una considerable atención como un valor sólido en el mundo de la música, grácias especialmente a su último disco "Fil de Coure". Cantando en toda una combinación de idiomas mediterranios, teiene un estilo muy personal que se puede describir como una fusión carismática de cantautorismo poético y atrevido, sin artificios, con un cálido acento de raíces mediterránias.

Carles Dènia
Cantaor, guitarrist and composer, he's the lead voice of our band. He sings  flamenco and Valencian chant mostly, but above all, he's a great musician, meticulous and spontaneous. He have recived lots of rewards from his albums: "Tan alta com va la lluna" and "El paradís de les paraules".   www.carlesdenia.com
Fran Lucas
Percusionista "granaino" especializado en percusiones de la india. De gran corazón y absoluta entrega a la gente, al grupo.
Aleix Tobias

Is the creator and director of the orchestra. He has the ability to unite and harmonise, to bring out the best in everyone and improve on it ... His drums and percussion  have played on many projects, such as Eliseo Parra Band, Tactequeté, Silvia Pérez Cruz, Misirli Ahmet, Erkan Ogur, Erkam Irmak, Roots Revival Romania, Carles Denia, Maria del Mar Bonet, Lidia Pujol, Marina Rossell, Raul Rodriguez, etc ... His extensive studying and musical sensitivity have led to work as a music producer.

Ana Rossi

A voice of feeling. With a background in Argentine and Brazilian folklore she delves into the tradition of the Peninsula to bring new life and a personal way of interpreting these songs. She makes up part of Patio de Tierra (Argentine folklore), Gafieira Miúda (traditional samba), duet with bandoneon player Marcelo Mercadante, among others.

Carola Ortiz

Descendant of musicians, singer and talented clarinetist. She is very curious to know and to experience ... In her most personal project AxisOrca, exploration has no limits. She is part of several bands of Balkan music, jazz, etc ... In Coetus we will see her next to Anna and Eliseo.

Es técnico de sonido y baterista. Como músico hizo giras por todo el mundo con Los Manolos. Cómo sonidista, ha sido el jefe técnico de la Paloma y del estudio el ventilador durante muchos años, además de trabajar con infinidad de grupos . Su faceta de percusionista lo convierte en el técnico ideal para Coetus.
Guillem Aguilar

A versatile bassist specialized in world music. He has collaborated with Ahmet Misirli, Erkan Ogur and Trilok Gurtu ... We can hear him in Bufa & Sons, Nakany Kante, Aziza Brahim, Suflipa, Carles Denia, La Shica, Eliseo Parra Band ... among other groups. In Coetus, he plays electric bass and square tambourine and is the main harmonic support of the band.

Xavi Lozano

At the helm of the wind instruments in Coetus. Gralla, tible, horns, ocarinas, mohoceño, accordion and plays almost anything he gets his hands on ...  Specialising in traditional wind instruments of the world. Performs solo or with his trio "Bufa & Sons" showing how to make music using common objects.

Antonio Sanchez

His intuition, his vast experience and humility make him the balancing timbre of the orchestra, adding salt and pepper. Specialist in effects, gadgets and creator of atmospheres with wisdom and wit. Among his many albums recorded, we can listen to Tactequeté, Ahmet Mishirli or Maria del Mar Bonet, and in his own project: "Caprichos del destino."

Didac Ruiz

He sings, plays percussion, drums, guitar and n'goni in a truly unique and unmistakable language, style and vision, inherited from African tradition and his curiosity ... To her personal travel are added tours with Embryo Poets of Rhythm (Germany), Neila Benbey (Algeria), Lady (New York), Soubugen (Japan) ... His groups: Tara, Rasakan et Iniche.

Alberto Carreño

Percussionist and luthier. Expert in African percussions and rhythms from which he draws strength when playing Iberian percussions. Diligent and respectful when playing, polished, perfectionist and wise when building. He is part of various street performances from companies like Na Capa Tanta, NCNC or Xirriquiteula Teatre.


Acari Bertran

Percussionist and creative violoncellist, restless and passionate about music. The desire to learn, experience and divide life and music led him to be able to be anywhere in the orchestra, playing with energy, dedication and feeling. Specialised in Brazilian percussion and a lover of flamenco. He plays with the group Luna Cohen and various flamenco groups in Barcelona. In Coetus we can hear him playing tambourines, cajon and square tambourine, but he also loves the tabales (large drum) or pans and even singing.

Bernat Torras

Drummer and creative percussionist, respectful of music and the others, and at the same time with great strength and feeling. Among heavy and light, he is the balance with great group awareness and huge generosity. He is part of Venancio y los Jóvenes de Antaño, Amar Mendé, Qimansha and Flowpots. In Coetus he plays tabales (large drum), tabalets (small drum), cajon and tambourines, and sings ... but is always willing to play with metal percussion instruments and pans. A man of few but meaningful words and concrete actions.

Anna Tobias

Percussionist and bassist player. She is the combination of femininity and masculinity, balancing both qualities. With strength, delicacy and wisdom she brings what is right and necessary at all times. She plays with Tara, Aziza Brahim, Mater, Alessio Arena, Angela Furquet and Koriki.

Martí Hosta

Percussion, drums and video are the three pillars of his creativity. “Madness” with the technical control and great intuition made him an honest musician time to say their own sentences.. We can listen to Tara, Êlectric Gozarela, Aziza Brahim or Bicical Brothers, and he has his own trio: Insòlit Trio. He is the producer of most of the band's videos!

Marc Vila

Drummer, percussionist and  kalimbas expert. Serious and at the same time humorous and witty. A member of Tactequeté, he played with Paco Ibáñez, Gerard Quintana, Kepa Junkera, Mariona Segarra, Los Rebeldes .... We can see him now with Bufa & Sons, Fildemomen and Xampola Trip Experiment, or the circus troupe Los Galindos. In Coetus he plays in all sections, highlighting his contributions with the kalimb

Mariona bona
Mariona del Carmen

Dancer and percussionist specialised in tambourine, an instrument that reflects joy like no other, commitment and love for tradition, life and everything else she has.  Her traditional repertoire is endless. She leads workshops and teaches traditional percussion at the Escola Folk del Pirineu.

Angelo Manhenzane

Percussionist and drummer. From a family of artists, he travelled around the world with his father's circus. He has played with Silvia Pérez Cruz, Lidia Pujol, Inma Ortiz, Almasala, Tactequeté, Tara ... He is also the musical director of the boogaloo band Elêctric Gozarela; his music is described as: fun, releasing and joyful. In Coetus he likes to play everything, but if we had to place him in a section, it would be in the metal percussion instruments.